Current workouts – May 2011

Although I’m no longer recording every workout on here I still want to include notes of what I’m currently doing.

I moved house a few weeks back and have an awesome new spot to set up my gymnastic rings so have been doing a lot of gymnastic movements recently. I’ve also been squatting in every workout, doing grip work along with a few added extras.

For most exercises I’ve been pairing upper body pushing movements with upper body pulling movements, and lower body movements with grip work. The pairings are shown seperated by a slash. I’ve also been fitting in 1-2 gripper sessions on my off days plus some occasional yoga.

This is the basic template, it has been varying slightly depending on time available:

Every session – warm up
Joint mobility/prep – wrists, shoulders/scapula, reverse lunge, squat and reach, alternating cossack, bridge wall walks

Hand stand practice
Back lever / Planche
Chin up / Incline or pike push up
KB front squat / Sledge hammer overhead lever
Hip thrust / DB bent lateral raise
Weighted carries

Hand stand practice
Front lever / Planche
Ring row / Pseudo planche push up
KB front squat / Pinch grip
DB bent lateral raise

Wall hand stand / Back lever (1/2 volume)
Inverted pull up / Bulgarian ring dip
KB front squat
KB snatch

I’m doing most exercises for 3 sets of 5-8 reps. The idea is to start at 5 reps per set and add reps until I hit 8, I then add weight or move to a more difficult exercise. The exceptions are hip thrusts, DB bent lateral raises and KB snatch all of which are done for higher reps.

The weighted carries have mostly been farmers walks done for distance. The run has been fairly short and quick, after I’ve got used to running again (I’ve not run since my ankle injury) I’ll start doing sprint intervals.


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