Be more interesting


(I dont mean this)

This is a post in two parts.

The first is a way of thinking and living: be more interesting.

Do something different. Have something about yourself that would surprise people.

Why? If you do the same as everyone else, you will be the same as everyone else. And who wants that.

I’m not suggesting to be different for different’s sake, make it something you care about – follow a passion, a dream, a wondering. Build something, test, experiment, learn, it doesn’t matter. Just do something you wouldn’t normally do but would like to.

The second second part of the post is: taking my own advice.

I’ve slipped into a pattern of sameness with no new ideas and this blog has mostly become a workout log. It is getting dull to write so I assume it is the same to read. I’ll still put training updates on here but less regularly, everything else will be when I actually have something to say.


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