Gymnastics stuff and squatting

This was very similar to last Wednesday’s session.

The squats still feel great. Once life settles down I’m going to get stuck into double kettlebell front squats and up the weight.

It’s great doing some hand balancing again. I did some headstands first. They are a good way to get a feel for the correct body position before kicking up into a handstand proper.

The workout:

Warm up circuit

10mins handbalancing practice

Rings (pulling, inc IH, BL, GH, FL pull) – 1,1,1,1
Rings l-sit – 1,1,1.1

Goblet squat – 24kg x 5, 28kg x 5, 32kg x 5,5,5
7lb sledgehammer overhead lever – (7) x 5, (5) x 5,5,5

One leg hip thrust (foot elevated) – 12/12, 12/12
Towel chin – 6,6

16kg snatch – 3 x 8R/8L

Back bridge – 2 x 30sec


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