Gymnastics, squatting and a few other bits

Another unplanned workout last night. I just ran picked exercises as I went. The only plan was to cover a push and pull for both upper and lower body.

I turned out to be a keeper. I’ll definitely revisit this one. It covers everything I like doing and has obvious scope for progression.

The only change would be to sub plate curls for something else. I couldn’t get the moat out of them after the sledgehammer levering.

The workout:

Warm up circuit

8mins handbalancing practice

Rings (pulling, inc IH, BL, GH, FL pull) – 1,1,1,1

Bulgarian dips – 4,5

Goblet squat – 24kg x 5, 28kg x 5,5,5
7lb sledgehammer overhead lever – (7) x 4, (5) x 4,4

Bear hug good morning – 24kg x 8,8
Plate curl, 8kg – 5/5,4/4

Back bridge – 2 x 45sec


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