More experimenting

I’ve not done any proper handstand work for ages (still can’t bloody hold a freestanding one!) so had a play tonight. It’s good stuff, I should do it more often.

The good morning and hip thrusts are both exercises I’ve been wanting to play with. Both are great, I know hip thrusts anyway but good mornings are new. They give a great bit of work to the hamstrings. I did them hugging a kettlebell to my chest, when fully bent at the hip it was a bugger to hold onto!

The workout:

Joint mobility

10mins hand balancing practice

Rings (pulling, inc IH, BL, GH, FL) – 1,1,1

Goblet squat – 20kg x 5, 24kg x 5, 28kg x 5,5,5

Bear hug good morning – 20kg x 6,6, 24kg x 6

One leg hip thrust (leg elevated) – 5/5, 8/8

Farmers walk, 24kg/24kg – 1min carry/30 sec rest x 3 rounds


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