If the going gets random it’s ok to let the workouts follow

In the next few weeks I’m away a fair bit and also moving house at the end of the month. Any attempt to stick with a set routine progression (as I have been) would be difficult, possibly frustrating and may lead to failure.

I want to avoid this as enthusiasm for your workouts is more important than any rep/set scheme. The workout you love and do is far better than the secret Russian scientist best thing ever that you hate and avoid.

That’s not to say workout design isn’t important. Your enthusiasm will be linked to results and some set ups will be better at giving you what you want. I just think enjoying it enough to get off the sofa and do it is more important. Things can progress from there.

So, with random times ahead I’m happy to let my workouts get a little random too. As long as my main lifts (chin ups and squats at the moment) feature things will still tick along. It also gives a great opportunity to play with a few ideas.

Last night’s workout:

Warm up circuit

Chin up – 5kg x 4, 10kg x 4, 15kg x 3,3,3,3

8kg PC barbarian squat – 5 x 8
16kg KB snatch – 5 x 8R/8L

7lb sledge hammer gada swing – 3 x 20

The barbarian squats and snatches were done back to back. They match up brilliantly as they are kinda opposites: one bring the weight forward from behind the head and squatting, the other bring the weight up above the head with a hip snap.


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