Rings, bells and a skin rip. That’s Friday

It was good to get the rings out again. They are a nice supplement to the more basic strength work I’ve been doing. Whereas chins etc are linear movements the rings force you to work through a much larger range of motion – plus they are great fun!

I’m sure I’ve said this about other movements in the past but the snatch is my favourite kettlebell exercise. Now my ankle feels good I want to start doing them again. I went at them fast and did a fair few reps for my first go back. I want to up the weight on snatches soon, I’ve been flinging this 16kg for too long.

My technique feels loads better these days, not quite good enough though as tore some skin off of my left hand 😉

Joint mobility
Push up – 5, ring row – 5, squat – 5, bulgarian split squat – 5/5 x 3 rounds

Ring routine* – 1,1,1

20kg KB swing – 10L/10R

16kg snatch – 3 x 8/8/8/8, 1 x 8/8 = 112

20kg KB swing – 2 x 15L/15R

*in two parts: 360 pull (5 sec hold at IH, BL, GH, FL) and l-sit (5sec), press to shoulderstand (tucked)


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