Lots of chin ups and a bit of squatting

I can squat again…well kinda. My ankle was fine while squatting but my hip mobility was awful, something to sort out over the next few weeks. It’s annoying as I was just getting happy with it. Oh well, I got it once so I can get it again.

I added another ramp up set of chin ups tonight as bodyweight straight to 11kg felt like a bit of a jump. Total sets/reps are now 7 x 4.

I also increased the difficulty of my HeSPU and got two extra sets than I did at the same level two weeks ago. Happy days.

The workout:

Joint mobility

Tuck planche – 4 x 5sec

Chin up – BW x 4, 5kg x 4, 11kg x 4,4,4,4,4

HeSPU (partial – 5cm) – 5 x 3

Plate curl, 8kg – 2 x 6R/6L, 2 x 5R/5L, 2 x 3R/3L

16kg KB goblet squat – 2 x 5

Plate finger walk – 15R/15L

Yoga cool down – standing back bend, standing forward fold, lunge, seal, downward facing dog, lunge, stand x 3 rounds


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