A great way to start the week

I’m feeling almost back to normal. The swings felt great tonight, no complaints from my ankle at all.

I’ll stick with this routine once I’m fully healed. Progression on a few basic(ish) lifts with some fun bits on the side is working very nicely.

The workout:

Joint mobility

Tuck planche – 6 x 5sec

Chin up – BW x 5, 9kg x 5,5, 11kg x 5

HeSPU (partial – 6cm) – 6,6,5

7lb sledge hammer – overhead lever (7) 2 x 4R/4L, 1 x 5R/5L

7lb sledge hammer – gada swing* 2 x 18

16kg KB swings – 2 x 15L/15R, 2 x 10L/10R

Yoga cool down – standing back bend, standing forward fold, lunge, seal, downward facing dog, lunge, stand x 3 rounds

*using the sledgehammer like a mace –


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