Missed Monday, made up for it on Wednesday

My workouts will be a little more random over the next few weeks. I’m out for a few evenings and away for a couple of weekends so won’t be able to fit in three sessions a week (hence no workout on Monday).

I’ll try and squeeze all the most important exercises into two weekly sessions to keep things ticking along.

This was last night’s session. The chin ups are starting to feel heavy but still very doable, the last time I used weights similar to this I could only manage 3×3 so it’s nice to see some good progress.

The sledgehammer lever is almost there, five inches is so close!

The workout:

Joint mobility
Push up x 5, ring row x 5, 16kg goblet squat x 3, alt cossack lunges x 5/5 x 3 rounds

Chin up – BW x 3, 8kg x 4, 13kg x 4,4,4,4,4

Ring dip – BW x 5, 5kg x 5, 10kg x 5,5

24kg goblet squat – 8,8,8
7lb sledge hammer overhead lever – (5) x 3R/3L,4R/4L,5R/5L

16kg KB snatch – 5 x 8R/8L


A random Sunday squat/swing off

I’m not at home tomorrow night so will miss my usual Monday session. I had a quick go tonight instead, I really didn’t want to drop a workout so close to taking a week off.

I’ve never really committed to squats before but can’t get enough of them at the moment. They are doing my ankle and general leg strength the world of good. I’ll start loading them up heavier moving onto front squats over the next few weeks.

Every time I get my powerclubs out it makes me want to get them out more often. They are such an awesome tool.

The workout:

Joint mobility
8kg PC Gamma cast x 5/5, 16kg KB windmill x 3/3, 16kg KB goblet squat x 3

KB goblet squat – 20kg x 5, 24kg x 5,5,5

8/8kg PC alternating shield cast – 5/5, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10

7lb sledge hammer gada swing – 2 x 20

Rings, bells and a skin rip. That’s Friday

It was good to get the rings out again. They are a nice supplement to the more basic strength work I’ve been doing. Whereas chins etc are linear movements the rings force you to work through a much larger range of motion – plus they are great fun!

I’m sure I’ve said this about other movements in the past but the snatch is my favourite kettlebell exercise. Now my ankle feels good I want to start doing them again. I went at them fast and did a fair few reps for my first go back. I want to up the weight on snatches soon, I’ve been flinging this 16kg for too long.

My technique feels loads better these days, not quite good enough though as tore some skin off of my left hand 😉

Joint mobility
Push up – 5, ring row – 5, squat – 5, bulgarian split squat – 5/5 x 3 rounds

Ring routine* – 1,1,1

20kg KB swing – 10L/10R

16kg snatch – 3 x 8/8/8/8, 1 x 8/8 = 112

20kg KB swing – 2 x 15L/15R

*in two parts: 360 pull (5 sec hold at IH, BL, GH, FL) and l-sit (5sec), press to shoulderstand (tucked)

D??j?? vu (ish)

This was pretty much a copy of the Wednesday before my holiday. It seemed like a more sensible than just piling on more weight and hoping.

It was all good. The new warm up circuits are great.

The workout:

Joint mobility
Push up – 5, chin up – 3, squat – 5, bulgarian split squat – 5/5 x three rounds

Chin up – 6kg x 4, 11kg x 4,4,4,4,4

HeSPU (partial – 5cm) – 5 x 3

20kg KB goblet squat – 3 x 5
7lb sledge hammer overhead lever – (7) x 4R/4L,5R/5L,5R/5L (done in-between squat sets)

20kg KB swing – 3 x 10L/10R

Back bridge – 3 x 30sec

A welcome back from a great holiday

I just got back from a week in Portugal. It was great just hanging out with my two girls, eating lots of good food and enjoying the sunshine.

We did loads of walking but nothing else so I felt the urge to do some lifting today. The walking did the injured ankle loads of good, squats are back on the menu.

Joint mobility

Three rounds of:
Push up – 5
Chin up – 3
Squat – 8

Chin up – 5kg x 5, 10kg x 5,5

20kg goblet squat – 3 x 5

Wall handstand – 3 x 60sec

Cool down – downward facing dog (60), back bridge (60), twist (30/30), sleeping warrior (60)

A different kind of circuit and some weight swinging

I had a hellish day at work today which always makes me want to lift a little heavier. Rather than go with the high volume ladders I strapped some weight on and turned it into an easy circuit. By easy I mean I took longer rests.

The second circuit was different: fast weight swinging with next to no rest.

The workout:

Joint mobility

Circuit 1:
Pull up – BW x 4, 5kg x 4,4,4,4,4,4,4
Ring dip – BW x 4, 5kg x 4,4,4,4,4,4,4
7lb sledge hammer overhead lever – (9) x 4, (7) x 4,4,4,4,4,4,rest

Circuit 2:
20kg KB swings – 6 x 8L/8R
7lb sledge hammer gamma swing – 6 x 10

Cool down: wrestlers bridge (60), locust pose (20), table pose (30), cat pose (30), twist (20/20)