Ankle getting better, a bit more exercise variety

My ankle is getting much better. I can walk close to normally in a straight line but then have to limp to go round corners. It’s definite progress but I think it might make me look a bit like a drunk!

I still can’t get into the push up position but was able to set up for planches ok. I’ve added them and front levers in for some variety in the direction I’m pushing and pulling.

This was a great little workout:

Joint mobility

Tuck planche – 6 x 5sec

Chin up – BW x 5, 7kg x 5,5, 9kg x 5

HeSPU (partial – 6cm) – 5,5,3

Adv tuck front lever 3 x 10sec

7lb sledge hammer – overhead lever (9) 3 x 5R/5L

7lb sledge hammer – twists (18) 8R/8L

Pony clamp pinch – 2 x 5R/5L


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