Still injured – hammer time!

I bought myself a new grip toy just before I injured myself – a 7lb sledge hammer. I had been doing levering exercises with a dumbbell with weights loaded on one end but this is much better. I’ve marked up the handle in inches, the number in brackets next to the exercises is how many inches from the bottom of the handle my hand is. As I progress I’ll move my hand closer to the end.

My ankle is much better but still way too injured for lower body exercise. It felt stable enough to take a bit of weight though so I weighted a few chin ups. I also found a spot to do HeSPU next to by bed so I can get in and out of position without worrying about damaging myself further.

The workout:

Joint mobility

Chin up – BW x 5, 5kg x 5,5, 7kg x 5

HeSPU (partial – 5cm) – 3 x 3

7lb sledge hammer – overhead lever (12) 3 x 5R/5L
7lb sledge hammer – twists (18) 2 x 8R/8L

16kg KB one arm row – 3 x 10R/10L

PG200 – 12 x 3R/3L


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