A change and a deload

I find that I can maintain a relatively high level of activity for about a month before I need a bit of a rest. This month in addition to the workouts I post here I’ve been greasing the groove (ie doing lots of sets throughout the day) with an easier one arm push up variation, plus climbing, plus a few other bits.

I also like to change my routine slightly every three weeks (which is now) so am doing both at the same time.

My rest week is similar to a normal one but with less volume. I did roughly half the sets I would normally but kept the same intensity. That way I still get a training effect but with less fatigue. It makes more sense to me than total rest, I’d only end up sitting on my bum more otherwise.

Not much has changed in the workout. I’m taking a break from GTG so have put a push up variation in. I’ve also swapped out ring rows for chin ups and brought back plate curls.

Basic joint mobility
Maxercist – 8

Ring routine (pulling*) – 1 x 2
Triangle push ups – 2 x 7

Ring assisted pistols – 5R/5L
Chin ups – 8

Straight bridge – 18
Plate curl – 6R/6L

One arm plank – 20sec R/L
DB lever, 8kg – 5R/5L

Back bridge – 30sec

* Pull to inverted hang, back lever, german hang, front lever, row, lower to l-hang


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