Pistols, rings and extra bits

I’ve increased my one arm push up volume this week, the greasing the groove is going well. I needed to give my shoulders a rest tonight so dropped a couple of things off the bottom of this workout. The added bonus was it made space for some extra pistol and grip work.Joint mobility warm upRing assisted pistols – 4 x 6R/6L(prone cobra, 1kg – 4 x 10)Ring routine (pulling*) – 4(fire hydrant – 3 x 10R/10L)Straight bridge – 3 x 15Pony clamp pinch – 3 x 6R/6LRing row – 3 x 7PG200 gripper – 3 x 6R/6LDB side lever, 2kg – 2 x 10R/10LBack bridge – 2 x 30sec* 3 l-pull ups, inverted hang, back lever, german hang, front lever


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