Ankle getting better, a bit more exercise variety

My ankle is getting much better. I can walk close to normally in a straight line but then have to limp to go round corners. It’s definite progress but I think it might make me look a bit like a drunk!

I still can’t get into the push up position but was able to set up for planches ok. I’ve added them and front levers in for some variety in the direction I’m pushing and pulling.

This was a great little workout:

Joint mobility

Tuck planche – 6 x 5sec

Chin up – BW x 5, 7kg x 5,5, 9kg x 5

HeSPU (partial – 6cm) – 5,5,3

Adv tuck front lever 3 x 10sec

7lb sledge hammer – overhead lever (9) 3 x 5R/5L

7lb sledge hammer – twists (18) 8R/8L

Pony clamp pinch – 2 x 5R/5L


Pull up and dip volume + grip

I ran through this workout, taking short rests to try and maintain my conditioning levels. They’ve probably been dropping fast since I injured my ankle.

I alternated between each rung of the pull up and dip ladders then did the levers at the end of the round. I followed the circuit up with some fairly high volume gripper work.

Next week I’ll try to beat both times.

The workout:

Joint mobility

Pull up – 3 x 5,4,3,2,1
Ring dip – 3 x 5,4,3,2,1
7lb sledge hammer overhead lever – 2 x 5R/5L

PG200 – 15 x 3R/3L

Chins, pressing and grippage – nice!

I followed a similar format as Monday for tonight’s workout: chins, HeSPU, an extra something and grip stuff.

I’ll stick with this template until my foot is better. Then I’ll start gradually adding leg work, probably swings to start with.

Joint mobility

Chin up – BW x 4, 7kg x 4,4,4,4,4

HeSPU (partial – 6cm) – 5 x 3

Plate curl, 8kg – 6R/6L, 2 x 5R/5L, 2 x 3R/3L

Cranks* – 3 x 3

Plate finger walks** – 2 x 10R/10L


Still injured – hammer time!

I bought myself a new grip toy just before I injured myself – a 7lb sledge hammer. I had been doing levering exercises with a dumbbell with weights loaded on one end but this is much better. I’ve marked up the handle in inches, the number in brackets next to the exercises is how many inches from the bottom of the handle my hand is. As I progress I’ll move my hand closer to the end.

My ankle is much better but still way too injured for lower body exercise. It felt stable enough to take a bit of weight though so I weighted a few chin ups. I also found a spot to do HeSPU next to by bed so I can get in and out of position without worrying about damaging myself further.

The workout:

Joint mobility

Chin up – BW x 5, 5kg x 5,5, 7kg x 5

HeSPU (partial – 5cm) – 3 x 3

7lb sledge hammer – overhead lever (12) 3 x 5R/5L
7lb sledge hammer – twists (18) 2 x 8R/8L

16kg KB one arm row – 3 x 10R/10L

PG200 – 12 x 3R/3L

It’s only a foot injury, right?

My left ankle is still a bit of a state. It’s not as painful as it was but I still need crutches to help get around. Obviously this injury will force me to rethink my approach to exercise. Everything apart from that ankle is fine though so there is no need to stop altogether, I just need to change focus.

Pistols are out for a long while. In theory I could train my right leg but it is already slightly ahead of the left and I don’t want to make the imbalance worse.

Handstands are also out for a while because of the kick up/down, it’s too risky. Push ups are a problem as they will put some pressure on my bad ankle. Finally, back levers make me a little nervous in case I drop out of the hold and need to catch my self.

So pretty much everything I had been gunning for is now a no go. Instead I’ll focus on pull/chin ups with an aim to increase total and also weighted versions (weighted only when my ankle feels a little stronger). I’ll offset these with dips initially as they in no way involve the foot and then push ups as I recover.

Given the way I injured myself, I think lots of grip work is a good idea as well!

I kicked off with this workout. The meat of it was alternating between sets of pull ups and dips in a descending ladder. I followed this up with a few chin ups for some extra pulling volume and then some grip stuff.

Joint mobility

Pull ups – 2 x 5,4,3,2,1
Dips – 2 x 5,4,3,2,1

Chin ups – 5,5,5,3,3,3

One arm hang – 13/13,10,10,10/10,8/8 sec R/L

Plate wrist curl, 5kg – 3 x 10R/10L

PG200 – 6 x 3R/3L

I had the climb of my life. Then…..

I never thought I’d make a Dirty Dancing reference on this blog.

I had a great climb today. I was flying up V2s and nailed a couple of V3s. In terms of the difficulty of problem I was climbing it was probably my best ever session.

Then, on my last climb, I fell off and knackered my ankle! Very annoying indeed! I was right at the top of a problem, went for the last move and thought ‘something doesn’t feel right’, then splat. I landed really awkwardly and twisted my ankle pretty badly.

Fortunately nothing is broken and it’s just a bad sprain. It’s swollen up something awful though and I’m out of action (or at least my left leg is) for 2-4 weeks. Rubbish!

Kettlebell timed sets – intensity up, volume down

I’ve applied the same principle to this workout as I did on Wednesday – a bit of a change up and drop in volume. In this case the bell sizes have gone up. The swing/jerk combo is with the 24kg and the presses are with the 20kg.

I’ve also changed the warm up. I was re-reading some old Steve Maxwell stuff and came across his post about the Maxercist ( and though it would make a decent warm up. And it does.

My warm up is now a few joint rotations (shoulders & hips), a few rounds of the Maxercist (essentially a yoga flow with a pull up) and then a couple of turkish get ups (just because). I like it a lot.

The workout:

Basic joint mobility
Maxercist – 6
20kg TGU – 2 x 1R/1L

16kg snatch – 2mins, 30sR/30sL, 20RPM = 20L/20R (640kg)
1min rest
24kg swing/jerk – 2mins, 30sL/30sR, 32RPM/12RPM = 16L/16R/6L/6R (1,056kg)
1min rest
24kg swing/jerk – 2mins, 30sL/30sR, 32RPM/12RPM = 16L/16R/6L/6R (1,056kg)
1min rest
20kg press – 2mins, 30sL/30sR, 6RPM = 6L/6R (240kg)

Time = 11mins
Volume = 2,992kg
Density = 272kg p/m

Prasara yoga – ocean flow 2/2, wind flow 1/1