Strength day

Not much to report here really except that this template is working nicely.

Each of these exercise clusters goes together really well and everything felt strong. I’m especially pleased with back lever progress. Each of the four goes through the ring routine had a good strong back lever with one leg extended.

Joint mobility warm up
16kg snatch – 2 x 10R/10L

Ring assisted pistols – 3 x 6R/6L
(prone cobra, 1kg – 3 x 10)

Ring routine (pulling*) – 1,1,1,1
(fire hydrant – 3 x 10R/10L)

Straight bridge – 3 x 12
Ring row – 3 x 6
Pony clamp pinch – 3 x 6R/6L

Weighted one leg glute bridge, 16kg – 2 x 10R/10L
8kg PC shield cast/shoulder cast – 2 x 12R/12L (each exercise)

Back bridge – 2 x 30sec

* 3 l-pull up, inverted hang, back lever, german hang, front lever


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