The last snatch off of 2010

I’ve not picked up a kettlebell for well over a week with Christmas in the middle. I was aiming to knock out 200 snatches in 10 minutes by the end of this year though and today was (literally) my last chance. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be and a ripped callous put me out at seven minutes. I probably could have carried on for a bit longer but would rather finish it cleanly than mangle my hands in the process. It’s still a 40% increase in volume from my previous best effort which is good going. It’ll come soon in 2011.

Joint mobility

16kg snatch – 7mins, 30sR/30sL, 20RPM = 70R/70L (2,240kg)

DB overhead lever, 7kg – 3 x 7R/7L
DB side lever, 3.5kg – 4 x 4R/4L


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