Kettlebells and grippage

I’m giving climbing a miss tomorrow night so had a quick kettlebell and grip workout this afternoon. 100 snatches in five minutes is a pretty big milestone but 200 in ten is still a way off. I could have gone for longer today so it’s definitely doable while we’re still in 2010.

Joint mobility

16kg snatch – 5mins, 30sR/30sL, 20RPM = 50R/50L (1,600kg)

Swing drop set:
24kg x 20, 20kg x 30, 16kg x 40 = 45R/45L (1,720kg)

Grip work:
DB overhead lever, 7kg – 3 x 6R/6L
DB side lever, 3.5kg – 4 x 4R/4L
Pony clamp pinch – 2 x 5R/5L


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