Kettlebell drop sets

Kettlebell drop sets are a great way to build volume using fairly heavy weights for an extended set. The idea is to start with a heavy weight, but rather than stopping the set when you fatigue you switch to a lighter weight and keep going.

This is my workout from last night:

Joint mobility

16kg snatch – 3mins, 30sR/30sL, 20RPM = 30R/30L (960kg)

OA jerk drop set – 24kg x 10, 20kg x 10, 16kg x 10 R/L x 2 (2,400kg)

Swing drop set* – 24kg x 30, 20kg x 40, 16kg x 50 (2,320kg)
Swing drop set* – 24kg x 20, 20kg x 20, 16kg x 20 (1,200kg)

Total – 6,880kg

Bridge wall walk x 3

*these were done alternating a few reps between hands keeping the numbers equal

I really liked these. I would only be able to complete a set of 30 jerks or 120 swings with one kettlebell if I used the 16kg. By using drop sets a high proportion of the reps are done with a heavier bell, the volume is still there but a higher weight is used.

Thanks to Britt Buckingham for the idea –


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