A Wednesday lift

Everything felt pretty solid tonight, especially the card tearing. I chucked in some reverse curls at the end as I have a habit of ignoring my extensors. This is a mistake on my part as it’s the grip equivalent of doing way more upper body pressing than pulling.

Joint mobility warm up

HS practice – 10mins
Tuck planche – 4 x 5sec
Ring 360 pull (tucked) – 2,2,2

Card tears – 2 x 26 1/4d*

Superset 1: One leg/two arm deadlift – 36kg x 5, 44kg x 5,5
8kg plate curl – 7R/7L,7R/7L,8R/7L

Superset 2: Bulgarian split squats – 36kg x 5R/5L,5R/5L Towel chin ups – 9,7

Additional grip:
9.5kg fat grip DB reverse curl – 2 x 6R/6L
2kg DB side lever – 2 x 15R/15L

*rather than tear once on my strong side and once on my weak, I’m now halving on my strong side and quartering on the weaker one. This extra volume will hopefully bring up the strength of my weaker side.


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