A bit on posture – it should be easy

Chris posted something interesting about posture over at Condition Research this week. He highlighted Dan John’s explanation of some advice from Art DeVany:

“Art De Vany???s wonderful presentation in Las Vegas (May 18, 2008), and available on DVD, sums a very simple way to follow this idea: Lift your Heart! Not only does it have a beautiful ring to it as a way to live one???s life, it is a simple (elegant) way to move.”

Dan has written about posture before saying you should hold your head as if the back is being combed upwards.

Both of these tips are great and instantly give you a more upright posture. They also work when sitting and help to avoid slouching over a keyboard at work.

Other animals don’t seem to think about maintaining good posture. Unfortunately, many modern human habits promote poor posture (too much sitting being the main culprit) meaning we have to re-learn something that should be natural and easy. It is well worth doing though as it is can be a simple way to improve movement and reduce back pain.

Chris’ full post can be found at:

I would also recommend Esther Gokhale’s book ‘8 steps for pain free back’. It’s an excellent resource on regaining a natural posture with some easy to follow exercises to help get you there.


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