Timed sets – big volume

More volume work with timed sets. The 24kg swings were 30 seconds on 30 seconds off, on everything else I just switched hands after each 30 second block.

I really like these timed sets, they make any additional ‘cardio’ completely unnecessary.

Joint mobility warm up

16kg snatch – 3mins, 30sR/30sL, 20RPM = 30R/30L (960kg)
1mins rest
16kg snatch – 2mins, 30sR/30sL, 20RPM = 20R/20L (640kg)
1mins rest
24kg swing – 4mins, 30sR/30s rest/30sL/30s rest, 32RPM = 32R/32L (1,536kg)
1mins rest
20kg swing/jerk – 6mins, 30sR/30sL, 32RPM/12RPM = 48R/48L/18R/18L (2,640kg)
2min rest
8kg shield cast – 2mins, 30sR/30sL, 28RPM = 28R/28L (448kg)

Time = 22mins (6,244kg)

Cool down:
Prasara yoga – wind x 2 each way, ocean x 1 each way


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