Strength day – in an hour

I always aim to get everything done in an hour. I usually feel like I could carry doing new exercises and more sets but like to call it a day after 60 minutes. There’s nothing too scientific about the decision but it suits me personally. My recovery is better and it leaves more time free to spend with my family. Exercise is important for healthy living, but it isn’t the only thing – you have to find balance.

All change this week. This workout is a mix of my standard Wednesday and the session I had last Friday. Joint mobility warm up

HS practice – 8mins
Tuck planche – 4 x 5sec
Tucked front lever pull – 5,5,4

Card tears – 26 1/4d, 23 1/4d

Superset 1: One leg/two arm deadlift – 36kg x 5, 44kg x 4,4
8kg plate curl – 7R/7L,6R/6L,6R/6L

Superset 2: Bulgarian split squats – 36kg x 5R/5L,5R/5L Towel chin ups – 8,8

Cool down:
Wall walk x 3
Pike compression/hamstring stretch x 3
2kg DB side lever – 2 x 12R/12L


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