A mixed bag

Joint mobility

Press to HeS – 4
5mins HS practice

Card tearing – 26 left, 23 right

Superset 1:
One leg/two arm deadlift – 16/20kg x 5, 20/24kg x 3,3
8kg plate curl – 6R/6L,6R/6L,6R/6L

Superset 2:
20kg one arm row – 6R/6L,6R/6L
3.5kg DB side lever – 4R/4L,4R/4L

A nice mix of stuff tonight. I’m giving the long kettlebell sets a miss until next week as I find they hit me harder the next day. I’ve had a busy week and have a fairly full weekend and there’s no point rigidly sticking to a workout plan only to not function properly during the day.

The supersets were a great way to get more done in less time. Pairing a grip exercise with something that isn’t grip intensive works great, heavy weighted chins wouldn’t go so well.

I’m finding I am much stronger tearing cards in one direction than the other. Bizarrely I’m stronger when my weaker (left) side is doing the bulk of the work. I think it’s down to pinch strength. When my left side is working my stronger right thumb is holding things tight, when it is reversed my weaker thumb can’t do as good a job. It’ll come on with practice though.


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