How to care for a callus tear, hand balancing and some pulls

My callus tear is much better already. Not quite healed enough for snatching, but good enough for a hand balancing fest.

I’ve found the key to a fast healing callus tear is to keep it covered with a plaster all of the time (including overnight). I’ve left them open in the past thinking it would help and the wound just dries out, starts to crack open and takes forever to heal. Covering it up keeps the wound fresher and more skin-like. This method works for me anyway. Onto the workout: lots of hand balancing and work for the posterior chain. Good stuff.

Joint mobility warm up

5 mins HS practice
Press to HeS x 4
Tuck planche – 4,4,5,5sec
Frog planche – 30,30sec

One arm/one leg deadlift, 24kg – 2 x 5R/5L
Two arm/one leg deadlift, 20/16kg – 4R/4L, 24/20kg – 3R/3L

Double KB bent over row 20/20kg – 5,5,4

KB OA jerk, 20kg – 15R/15L


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