What is bouldering?

For the last month I have been going bouldering on a Monday night. I wanted to learn a new skill and am very glad I chose this one, it's been great so far. I am no where near experienced enough to give any technique tips but wanted to write something giving a very basic??overview of the sport and my top three reasons why you should give it a go.
Bouldering is a style of climbing, done to relatively low heights. The different climbs available are called problems and are graded from V0 (easy) to V15 (heroes only).
When bouldering indoors the problems are colour coded. The wall will be covered in various coloured holds and??for each colour the hold nearest the floor will have a tag telling you the grade of that particular problem. You then climb up only using the holds of that colour until you reach the top.
So, what's so good about it?
1. It's accessible
Ok, you need a bouldering wall but apart from that it's near instantly accessible. I had one induction class to learn how it all works and a few basic techniques. That was all I needed to be able to use the facility independently. As you are only climbing to a low height no ropes, harnesses or additional safety equipment??are required. The problems are no more than 10 feet high so even when your hands reach the top, your feet are no more than 4 feet from the floor which isn't too far.??There are also massive crash mats if you fall.
2. It's exercise for your brain too
Bouldering requires you to be strong, explosive and flexible all at once -??it is great all round exercise for your body but you also have to think. The climbs are called 'problems' for a reason and as you progress through the grades (I still get stuck on V2s) it becomes less obvious how to get up a climb.??Sometimes I can't complete a problem because I'm physically unable but often it's because I can't work it out. You really have to think them through which adds a mental challenge to the physical one. It also adds to the satisfaction of completing a problem that's been bugging you for a while.
3. It's fun
There is something child-like and playful about climbing up things. It's just fun, and that is something that doesn't feature enough in a lot of fitness activities. Trips to the gym, running, cycling etc can easily feel like work and drudgery.
The importance of play shouldn't be underestimated. The main thing is to move more, if you can find a way that you enjoy you are far more likely to keep it up.

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