Kettlebells and grip

I’ve had a bit of a rest this week, I still went bouldering on Monday but stayed away from lifting stuff. I went to a bikram yoga class wife my wife on Thursday but that has been it. It was good to do something different, and a great choice for a rest(ish) week.

I was back at it today though with some kettlebell and grip work. I plan to do more of this style kettlebell work (high volume, little/no rest) as I work towards higher snatch numbers. I’m also going to start recording the amount of weight I shift in these lifts, it’s another good measure of progress and demonstrates the large amount of work you can get done when lifting moderate weights for high volume.

Joint mobility

16kg KB OA swing/OAJ – 15R/15L/8R/8L x 5 no rest (3,680kg)

Pony clamp pinch – 3 x 5R/5L
Powergrip 150, crush holds – 4 x 30secR/30secL
DB front lever, 6.5kg – 2 x 8R/8L
DB back lever, 4kg – 8R/8L, 8R/6L
Lifts with softball tool*, 8.5kg – 10secR/L, 10.5kg – 10secR/L

6kg powerclub – 20R/20L x 5 no rest (1,200kg)



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