Gymnastics, squatting & grip

The handstand is very close. I’m getting holds of a couple seconds close to the wall but not touching it at any point.

Joint mobility 16kg KB snatch – 10R/10L

HS practice – 5mins Tuck planche – 5 x 5sec Adv tuck back lever – 5 x 12sec Adv tuck front lever – 5 x 12sec

Bulgarian split squat, 16kg – 8R/8L, 20kg – 8R/8L, 8R/8L
In breaks, card tearing – 14 1/4, 18 1/4

Plate curl, 8kg – 6R/6L,6R/6L Two hand pinch, 41.5kg – 4 x 10sec
Fat towel bar chin ups – 4,4*
Towel pull ups – 5,5

*I wrapped a towel round the bar and did chin ups. It makes the bar very thick and also rotates and slips, very tough on the grip.

I’ve got a few things on next week which will keep me from lifting stuff. I’ll keep the volume high for the rest of the week as I have additional rest time to recuperate.


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