A mixed Friday workout

My pulls didn’t exactly go as planned tonight, I ended failing the second set up pull ups – something I really try to avoid. The half snatches were good though. I snatched the bell up, then dropped to the rack, did a hand to hand swing to switch hands then repeated. It’s a great way to get used to snatching a heavier weight. Dropping to the rack avoids the hardest part of snatch technique (the drop) and switching hands so often saves the grip.

Joint mobility
16kg KB snatch – 2 x 10R/10L
L-sit – 12,15sec

Ring pull up – 8,6
Weighted pull up, 9.5kg – 4,2
Weighted chin up, 15kg – 3

8kg powerclub circuit
30sec on/15sec off x 3 rounds
Double shoulder cast – 16,14,13
Shield cast R – 14,24,10
Shield cast L – 15,15,12
Gamma cast – 18,20,20

20kg KB half snatch R/H2H swing/half snatch L – 15/30/15, 10/20/10,5/10/5
KB alt dead cleans – 24kg x 30,20kg x 30,16kg x 30


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