Strength day

Good session tonight. I’ve replaced pistols with Bulgarian split squats. I was finding that the balance requirements of pistols were a barrier to the strength benefits. I added extra range of motion by having my front foot on a small stool, it makes them extra nasty as you can get your thigh well below parallel.

I love finishing with heavy carries, my whole body was complaining by the end.

Warm up:
Joint mobility
16kg KB – 10R/10L
L-sit – 2 x 12sec
HeSPU – 3
Adv tuck back lever – 3 x 12sec
Adv tuck front lever – 3 x 12sec

The meat:
Bulgarian split squat (with added ROM), BW – 5, 20kg – 5,5
Ring dip, 5kg – 5,5, 6kg – 5
One arm row, 24kg – 5R/5L,5R/5L,5R/5L

GHR – 5,5
One leg hip thrust – 12/12

Grip stuff:
Plate curl, 8kg – 6R/6L,6R/6L
Two hand pinch, 38.5kg – 4 x 10sec

Farmers walk, 28kg/28kg – 45sec carry/15sec rest x 4


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