A pull-fest, clubs and a failed experiment

I really enjoyed deadlifting last week and wanted to go a little heavier last night. I’ve had some success strapping weights to my heaviest two kettlebells for deadlifts so experimented with strapping the 20 and 16 together. I pulled thus in one hand and the 24 plus extra weights in the other. It didn’t really work. The two kettlebells were hard to manage and unstable, but not in a good way. I won’t be doing it again and definitely would not recommend it.

What did work is adding sone variety to my pull/chin ups. The different movements were done as a circuit but with plenty of rest, I’ll stick with that for the next little while.

Warm up:
Joint mobility
Adv tuck back lever – 3 x 12sec
HeSPU – 1
Adv tuck front lever – 3 x 12sec
HeSPU – 3

Ring pull up – 8,5
Weighted pull up, 9.5kg – 3,3
Weighted chin up, 15kg – 3,3

Deadlift – 72kg

8kg powerclub circuit
30sec on/15sec off x 3 rounds
Double shoulder cast – 13,11,9
Shield cast R – 14,11,11
Shield cast L – 14,13,12
Gamma cast – 18,18,18


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