The hangover hundred

Two things to note today. First is that hangovers really suck once you’re over 30. Luckily a bit of exercise often seems to sort me out, even if it is the last thing I feel like doing. It’s as if staying on the sofa is accepting you feel crap and can’t do anything but getting up and breaking a sweat forces your body to get rid of the toxins. This felt tougher than it should have but did the trick.

Four rounds of:
16kg KB goblet squat – 5
Push up – 10
16kg KB H2H swing – 10

The hundred reps were inspired by this site –

The premise is that instead of setting lofty fitness goals for yourself you can instead just do 100 reps of something every day. It is easy to do, 100 reps takes no time, this workout was less than 10 mins. It would be a great way for people that struggle to get into the gym to make a positive difference on their health a wellbeing, or for someone to maintain fitness levels if life gets too busy or even a way get some work done if you’ve got a dirty hangover. It’s a great idea.


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