Big conditioning beats sugar

I am generally pretty relaxed with my diet. I focus on fresh veggies, fruit meat and fish and try to keep stodgy carbs to a minimum but keep the rules pretty relaxed. The only thing I am strict with is sugar.

Sugar is generally pretty awful for you (here’s a mammoth list explaining why – I find my energy levels and sleep are rubbish when I eat too much. That plus some diabetes in my family is enough for me to give it a wide berth.

This week has been different though. There has been a lot sugary treats in the office and I’ve eaten more than my fair share. I’m already feeling a bit skewed as a result so hit an evil met con last night with a view to kicking any sugar ills out of the house before they became too settled. It worked.

Joint mobility/dynamic stretching
L-sit – 4 x 12sec
Frog planche – 4 x 15sec
Adv tuck back lever – 5 x 10sec
Adv tuck front lever – 4 x 10sec

16kg KB snatch – 6mins, 15rpm, hand switch at 20,20,5 reps = 45L/45R

Met con!
56kg deadlift – 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
Burpee – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Finishing superset
DB front lever, 6kg – 8R/8L, 6R/6L
Weighted front plank, 5kg – 40,40sec

I did the deadlift/burpee met con a few months back in a quicker time. I did stick on an extra 8kg of weight this time and knock out 90 snatches just prior this time though so expected to slow a bit. Alternating between those to movements is a great combo. The burpees really sneak up on you though, a single deadlift at the end is a breeze but the 10 burpees the follow are a killer.


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