Statics and kettlebells – volume

Joint mobility
L-sit – 4 x 12sec
Frog planche – 4 x 15sec
Adv tuck back lever – 5 x 10sec
Adv tuck front lever – 5 x 10sec

16kg KB snatch – 8mins, 15rpm, switch every 15 reps = 60L/60R
20kg KB OA jerk – 6mins, 6rpm, switch every 6 reps = 18L/18R
20kg KB OA swing – 2 x 15L/15R
24kg KB swing – 2 x 20

16kg KB waiter walks – 2 x 30sec R/L, 5 sec rest btw sets
Front plank – 90sec

Good progress with snatches again tonight. My long cycle jerks were horrible though, I always take the clean for granted and it was all over the place – that will be my next lift to practice. It’s also a nice warm up to snatching a heavier bell.

I finished with some core stability work, and why not? Probably because of this Mike Robertson post and my ever present training ADD


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