Conditioning circuit

Joint mobility
L-sit – 3 x 12sec
Frog planche – 3 x 15sec
Adv tuck back lever – 5 x 12sec
Adv tuck front lever – 3 x 10sec

Then this circuit:
16kg KB push press – 10R/10L
8kg PC side rocket/shovel press – 10R/10L
8kg PC wheel cast – 5R/5L
8kg PC double swipe – 8
8kg PC Mill – 5R/5L
Pull up – 8
Clapping press up – 5
24/24kg Farmers walk – 100 paces

Four rounds all done in 28:08

This kicked my ass. The farmers walks made everything else hard. If I was doing it again I’d take out the side rockit shovel press as I don’t think 8kg is enough to make it worthwhile, other than that it was all good.


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