Back to kettlebell timed sets

Joint mobility
16kg KB snatch – 6 mins, 15RPM, switch hands every minute = 45L/45R
KB OA jerk – 6 mins, switch every minute, 24kg 10L/10R, 20kg 10L/11R, 16kg 10L/11R
28kg suitcase carry – 3 x 50 paces L/R

I’ve had trouble in the past with timed sets, largely because my technique was crap and I used to bash myself up and get tired too quick. Over the last few months I’ve paid a lot of attention to technique (especially in snatch) and it’s had a great result. I was surprised to go for the full 6 minutes of snatches, I expected to burn out sooner.

Snatches were slow and steady, the jerks were not. 1 minute each arm with descending weights. The idea is to do as many reps as possible, reducing the weights each round enables you to maintain a higher work rate.


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