Rings, clubs & carries

Joint mobility
KB OA swing, 20kg – 2 x 10R/10L
L-sit press to shoulder stand – 1,1,1,1
Ring routine* – 1,1,1

PC double swipe, 2x8kg – 15mins, 7TOM = 105

Suitcase carry, 24kg – 100 paces R/L, 20kg – 100 paces R/L
Farmers walk, 20/24kg – 75 paces, 24/20kg – 75 paces

Prasara yoga – wind flow – 3 each way

*inverted hang, back lever, front lever, dip, L-sit, support hold

This was tough. In retrospect the carries were maybe a step too far. They are great exercises though that everyone should do. Suitcase carries kill your obliques and great ‘real world’ application – your basket won’t feel so heavy next time you go shopping, I shit you not!


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