Strength day – muchos grippage

Joint mobility
Wall HS – 3 x 40sec
Weighted chin up, 8kg – 5,5,5
PC flag press, 8kg – 12R/12L,10R/10L,10R/10L
KB hack squat, 18kg – 5,5,5

One leg hip thrust – 2 x 15R/15L

Plate curl, 7kg – 8R/8L, 2 x 6R/6L
Two hand pinch, 28.5kg – 4 x 10sec
Fingertip hang – 30,20,20sec
Kneeling wrist push ups – 3 x 8
KB crush hold, 16kg – 2 x 30sec

This grip malarky is so much fun. I love this workout. I swapped out the finger curls for fingertip hangs, basically hanging from a bar by your fingertips. Plate curls are amazing for all round hand/wrist strength so they are back in place of wrist curls. I feel like I’m getting more done with the plate.


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