Friday night met con

I kicked off this evening with a long joint mobility session with a big focus on hips – including lunges, alligator walks and goblet squats.

Then pushups and lying abductions in a superset and some handstand and snatch practice:

Push ups – 2 x 10
Lying abduction – 2 x 10
Wall HS – 3 x 30sec
KB snatch, 16kg – 2 x 10R/10L

Then this beast:

48kg deadlift x 8
KB OA jerk, 20kg x 8R/8L
Pull up x 5
AMRP in 20 minutes

A big nod to crossfit with this one. I got round six times – just. I’ll be keeping my kettlebell workouts quite random for a while. As a tool they lend themselves very well to linking lots of different movements together.


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