Strength day – more, more!

Joint mobility
L-sit press to shoulder stand – 2,2,2
Gymnastic bridge – 15,15,20sec

Weighted chin up, 6.5kg – 5,5,5
PC flag press, 8kg – 10R/10L,10R/10L,8R/8L
KB hack squat, 16kg – 5,5,5

Hip thrust – 12,12,12

Two hand pinch, 26.5kg – 4 x 10sec
DB finger curls, 11kg – 3 x 15R/15L
DB wrist curls, 9kg – 2 x 15R/15L, 1 x 10R/10L
DB reverse wrist curls, 6kg – 21x 12R/12L, 2 x 10R/10L
KB crush hold, 20kg – 2 x 30sec
DB side lever – 15R/15L

The chins, flag press and hack squats were done as a circuit. Everything in the grip-fest was one exercise after the other.

I’m following a very simple tried and tested pattern for these workouts: just do more than last time. It really can be that simple. It doesn’t matter what kind of ‘more’, it can be reps, weight, speed, etc but if you keep doing more (with good form of course) then you’re getting stronger.



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