Knee pain revisited

In my last post I mentioned introducing glute exercises to compliment the hip flexibility/mobility work I am doing to address a recent knee injury. My initial thoughts on the cause of the knee injury were around hip tightness, caused by sitting for a large portion of the day. This certainly is a factor, but probably not the only one as sitting can also stretch and weaken the glutes. My ankle mobility is also not great. It is likely they all a bit off as I have only made physical exercise a regular part of my life fairly recently and spent a large part of my teens and early twenties sitting on my ass.


Everything within the body is connected and each part relies on those around it to function properly. Dysfunctions in one body part will put additional strain on those around it creating new problems. An immobile ankle or hip will force the surrounding joints (knee/lower back) to compensate which may lead to pain. Weak glutes will force the surrounding muscles (quads/hamstrings) to pick up the slack and again may put strain on the knee.


I hate being injured and want to avoid future knee problems so am adding the following into my weekly sessions:


·   Hips – mobility work (daily) and yoga for office workers (2-3 times per week)

·   Glutes – activation and strengthening exercises from this Bret Contreras article (2-3 times per week)

·   Ankles – mobility work (daily)


I will also continue with hack squats – these hammer the low quads and were a great help last time I injured my knee (must keep them up this time!), I think largely because they promote knee stability.


I am not an exercise professional so all this is largely guess work. I have simply combined a bunch of internet research, personal experience and a touch of logic with an honest assessment of what is going on in my body. Hopefully it’ll all work perfectly!


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