Gymnastics and grip fun

Joint mobility
Glute bridge – 2 x 20
Lying abduction – 2 x 20

3 x HS play (wall, freestanding, HeSPU)
Ring routine* – 1,1,1
Ring support/l-sit (10sec of each) – 1,1,1

22.5kg two hand pinch – 4 x 10sec
11kg DB finger curls – 3 x 10R/10L
20/24kg farmers walk – 4 x 1min (30sec rest)
Levering – 3kg side 8/8, 5kg overhead 8/8

I loved this workout, good stuff. I’ve added some glute drills into my workouts as I think they are a bit ‘sleepy’ and that may be another factor in my recent knee injury. Again, probably down to all the sitting. I really want my knee to be back on form so I can swing my kettlebells!

*back lever, inverted row – L-pull ups (3)


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