Strength day – knee’s getting there

A good ten minutes of joint mobility to warm up and then a couple of good circuits.

Circuit 1
Weighted chin up 5kg – 5,5,5
8kg PC flag press – 8R/8L,8R/8L,8R/8L
Bodyweight hack squat – 8,8,8

Circuit 2
Plate curl 7kg – 7R/7L,7R/7L,7R/7L
Ring row – 6,6,5
One leg glute bridge – 10R/10L,10R/10L,10R/10L

Then a superset:
DB reverse wrist curl – 10R/10L,9R/9L,9R/9L
PC tricep push up – 3,3,3

Then finally: hanging leg raise – 10

It was good to introduce some light leg work. Hack squats were a godsend when I injured my knee last year and felt good tonight, I’ll add weight from next week.


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