Statics, snatching and blobs

Joint mobility
L-sit – 3 x 15sec
Frog planche – 4 x 15sec
Adv tuck back lever – 6 x 10sec
Adv tuck front lever – 6 x 10sec

Bulgarian split squat, 16kg – 3 x 5R/5L

KB snatch, 16kg – 20,15,10,5 L/R = 100 reps

Pseudo blob, 6kg – 10R/10L,10R/6L,10R/7L
DB finger curls, 12.5kg – 2 x 20R/20L

I had a look at the goals I set myself at the start of the year and it highlighted how random my approach to some of them has become. As of tonight I’m going to be more regimented in practicing the gymnastic static holds, I’ll use them as a warm up before the workout proper.

It was good to get back to some grip fun tonight. For those that don’t know, an official ‘blob’ is a sawn off end of an old dumbbell and to pinch lift them was an old school feat of strength. I don’t have a blob so set a dumbbell with a 1/2kg plate at the very top and lifted the lot by pinching the little plate. Not perfect but good enough.


Strength day

Joint mobility
Ring row – 8,8,8
20kg KB goblet squat – 5,5,5

Weighted chin up, 9.5kg – 5,5,5
PC flag press, 8kg – 12R/12L,12R/12L,12R/12L
20kg KB hack squat – 4,4,3

One leg hip thrust – 2 x 16R/16L

20kg KB OA swing – 20L/20R

I gave the specific grip work a miss tonight. The plate curls were too hard at the weekend which is my cue to take a rest.

My legs were battered by the end of this though.

Grease the groove and pull, pull, pull

During the day – HeSPU – 3 x 3

I’ve started a grease the groove (GTG) experiment with headstand push ups. For those that don’t know, GTG involves scattering individual sets of an exercise throughout the day, keeping well away from failure each time. The idea is that you teach your muscles to get better at a lift by frequently practicing a movement when fresh. This technique was popularised in Pavel’s excellent book, The Naked Warrior.

Why am I doing this? I really want to do a HeSPU but don’t want to give up all the other fun stuff. I got close a while back but had my hands quite far apart, making it easier. The end goal is to them freestanding so I have to it with my hands the same width they are for handstands (which is closer, and harder).

Will end up in overtrained hell? Im sure quite a few people would say that this ontop of everything else is too much. I say, maybe. I’m going to manage the volume by reducing pressing work in my evening workouts and/or stopping GTG work at lunchtime if I know I’m pressing in the evening. So to kick things off, hardly any pressing tonight, it was a pull-fest.

Joint mobility
Ring row – 8,8,8
20kg KB goblet squat – 5,5,5
Pull up – 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,2 = 36

20kg KB swing/snatch/jerk – 5 x 5R/5L
KB alt dead clean – 24kg x 30, 20kg x 30, 24kg x 20, 20kg x 20, 24kg x 10, 20kg x 10

Rings, clubs & carries

Joint mobility
KB OA swing, 20kg – 2 x 10R/10L
L-sit press to shoulder stand – 1,1,1,1
Ring routine* – 1,1,1

PC double swipe, 2x8kg – 15mins, 7TOM = 105

Suitcase carry, 24kg – 100 paces R/L, 20kg – 100 paces R/L
Farmers walk, 20/24kg – 75 paces, 24/20kg – 75 paces

Prasara yoga – wind flow – 3 each way

*inverted hang, back lever, front lever, dip, L-sit, support hold

This was tough. In retrospect the carries were maybe a step too far. They are great exercises though that everyone should do. Suitcase carries kill your obliques and great ‘real world’ application – your basket won’t feel so heavy next time you go shopping, I shit you not!

Strength day – muchos grippage

Joint mobility
Wall HS – 3 x 40sec
Weighted chin up, 8kg – 5,5,5
PC flag press, 8kg – 12R/12L,10R/10L,10R/10L
KB hack squat, 18kg – 5,5,5

One leg hip thrust – 2 x 15R/15L

Plate curl, 7kg – 8R/8L, 2 x 6R/6L
Two hand pinch, 28.5kg – 4 x 10sec
Fingertip hang – 30,20,20sec
Kneeling wrist push ups – 3 x 8
KB crush hold, 16kg – 2 x 30sec

This grip malarky is so much fun. I love this workout. I swapped out the finger curls for fingertip hangs, basically hanging from a bar by your fingertips. Plate curls are amazing for all round hand/wrist strength so they are back in place of wrist curls. I feel like I’m getting more done with the plate.

Friday night met con

I kicked off this evening with a long joint mobility session with a big focus on hips – including lunges, alligator walks and goblet squats.

Then pushups and lying abductions in a superset and some handstand and snatch practice:

Push ups – 2 x 10
Lying abduction – 2 x 10
Wall HS – 3 x 30sec
KB snatch, 16kg – 2 x 10R/10L

Then this beast:

48kg deadlift x 8
KB OA jerk, 20kg x 8R/8L
Pull up x 5
AMRP in 20 minutes

A big nod to crossfit with this one. I got round six times – just. I’ll be keeping my kettlebell workouts quite random for a while. As a tool they lend themselves very well to linking lots of different movements together.