Rings and grip work

Joint mobility
Handstand play x 3 (wall, freestanding, HeSPU, bent arm)
Ring routine* – 1,1,1
Ring support/L-sit – 12,12,20sec

17.5kg two handed pinch – 10,6,5,20sec
10kg DB finger curls – 3 x 10R/10L
9kg DB wrist curls – 3 x 10R/10L
6kg DB reverse wrist curls – 3 x 9R/9L

*back lever, inverted row to l-pull up (3), front lever)

Good fun session tonight. I’m enjoying taking a more playful approach to the rings, still getting the all important levers in though.

I chalked my hands before the last pinch set. It made such a difference, I could have lifted way more.


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