Life aquatic and leverage lifting

Swimming is a movement skill I don’t practice very often. I went for a dip on Sunday and realised I don’t do it enough! It felt unnatural and hard, not how it should at all, and not how it used to – it’s another thing to put on the list of activities. My back felt a bit smoked today so I skipped the ring workout and hit some leverage lifting. This kind of lifting really stresses the stabiliser muscles and grip and a relatively light weight can be very challenging. I find I recover from it pretty quick though and it has great carry over to ‘real world’ strength.

Warm up – joint mobility

Then this circuit x 4:
8kg powerclub flag press – 8,6,5,5 R/L
20kg/20kg KB renegade rows – 5,6,6,6 R/L
6kg powerclub head cast – 6,6,6,6 R/L

Then a superset:
7kg plate curl – 5,5,5
Poweclub tricep push up – 3,3,3

Finisher – 2kg wrist side lever – 10/10


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