Cool toys then my knee goes boom

I got some very cool toys for my birthday last weekend: a 20kg bell and a second 8kg club, both very lovely. Unfortunately I did something hideous to my knee during a birthday yoga flow. Not being able to stand up isn’t the best way to end a big day. It is feeling much better now but I’ll have to take a bit of a step back on many of my lower body exercises, which is a pain. It didn’t stop me having a good go at my upper body tonight though.

Joint mobility
Rings – support hold – 3 x 20sec
Ring play* – x 3 rounds
8kg powerclub – flag press – 3 x 5R/5L

Double pinch lift – 17.5kg 5,6,5,5 sec
DB finger curls – 10kg 3 x 8R/8L
DB wrist curls – 8kg 10R/10L, 9kg 2 x 10R/10L
DB reverse wrist curls – 6kg 10R/10L,8R/8L,6R/6L
16kg KB crush hold – 3 x 20sec

Exercise bike – 10 mins easy for knee rehab

*included: front lever, back lever, front lever rows, inverted rows, L-pull ups


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