9/7/10 – swinging steel is brilliant

Joint mobility

16kg KB windmill – 5R/5L
16kg KB snatch – 10,15,20,15,10,5 R/L = 75/75
8kg powerclub shield cast – 2 x 1minR/1minL
8kg powerclub shoulder cast – 1minR/1minL

Today was the most volume I have done with snatches in one workout. I wouldn't have been able to do this a month ago but have put real effort into my technique. It's come one really well, especially on my left (weaker, less coordinated, generally crapper) side. Previously I had been lazy with my punch through at the top of the snatch on that side so the kettlebell would roll round the side of my arm bashing up wrist or flip over the top to bruise my forearm – not fun. Now I'm punching through more??aggressively??it feels much smoother with no bumps on the way up. I slightly different drop??technique??means I'm not getting blisters on the way down. I basically just bend my arm, don't flip it over the top, don't roll it round the arm, just bend the elbow and let gravity do the rest.??Marvellous.

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