30/6/10 – loads of good stuff

Joint mobility
16kg KB windmill – 5R/5L
Wall handstand – 2 x 30sec
16kg KB snatch – 8R/8L, 5R/5L
L-sit press to shoulderstand (tucked) – 1,1,1,1
Pull up ladders – 3 x 2,3,5
24kg KB OA jerk – 10R/10L, 8R/8L, 6R/6L
Pinch push ups – 3 x 5
One arm hang – 6,8,6,6 sec R/L

Prasara yoga – ocean flow – 2 each way

Loads of good stuff tonight. I’m loving bringing more gymnastics back into things, in my view it’s the best upper body work you can do. It can build amazing levels of strength and by it’s nature won’t compromise your strength to weight ratio.

I’m also going to start doing dedicated grip work on a regular basis again as it’s always my weak link. I’ve struggled to train my pinch grip in the past but found a description of pinch push ups the other day. They are great, you set to planks (I use identical hard back books) thin side down, pinch the sides and then do push ups. It’s bloody hard work.


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