23/6/10 – simple is good

Joint mobility
16kg KB snatches – 2 x 10R/10L
24kg KB OA jerks – 5 x 5R/5L
20kg/24kg (deadlift x 10 + 100 paces farmers walk) x 4

There was nothing complicated about tonight’s session. An upper body pull, a big push and an evil lower body pull/carry hybrid. For the finisher I held 20kg in one hand, 24kg in the other, deadlifted the weight 10 times then carried it for 100 paces, I alternated weights each set.

A 44kg deadlift is not heavy at all but when combined with the carry it becomes a very different beast. The farmers walks are no picnic either as after 10 reps I’d already been hanging on to them for a while. I had to take a rest in the last two sets as my left hand was giving out. It’s a really great combo.


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